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Riot on an empty street
di: Space
Postato il: 06-25-2004 @ 11:06 am

Like Simon & Garfunkel - to whom they’re often compared - Erlend and Eirik are school friends but a strange pair. After launching the New Acoustic Movement with their 2001 debut album, Quiet Is The New Loud, and paving the way for homeboys Royksopp, lanky Erlend travelled Europe and made an album with electronic pioneers. Meanwhile, Eirik studied among the fjords. Reunited, their sometimes twee cardigan anthems swing with a newfound sophistication, and the telling I’d Rather Dance With You is oddball pop at its most majestic. 4/5 bbc review

In a hectic day and age where kicking back and chilling out is being pushed further and further down the ‘things to do’ list, how pleasing it is to have a record out there to spur you into doing just that.
Move over the rest of the so-called New Acoustic Movement, the Kings are back for their crowns. 4/5 mancesteronline review

With Riot on an Empty Street Kings of Convenience prove yet again that understatement and subtlety can be truly thrilling. When not attempting to replicate the harmonious acoustic shimmer of Simon and Garfunkel on lacklustre tracks such as "Homesick" and "Surprise Ice", Norwegian folksters Erlend Oye and Eirik Glambek Boe deliver charming, self-effacing lyrics backed by unhurried and refreshingly simple melodies that embrace and cajole. Stand-out moments include "I'd Rather Dance with You" and the sublime upbeat acoustic strut of "Love Is No Big Truth", which mixes Eirik's infectious banjo hook with artfully mellifluous lyrical observations. Fragile, emotive and as biting as the Nordic wind Riot on an Empty Street is a demonstration of enduring talent. 4.5/5 amazon review

This new album picks up exactly where the Kings left off, with warm melodies and exquisitely detailed ruminations. The harmonies still glow, especially on the evocative Gold in the Air of Summer, and Canadian chanteuse Fiest on the jazzy Know How adds some bluesy soul to the sparse sound. "I'll make you laugh by acting like a guy who sings," they say on the swinging I'd Rather Dance With You, their awkwardness as bittersweet as ever. 4/5 the guardian review

Si percepiscono nella cura maniacale dedicata ad ogni singolo dettaglio (600 ore di registrazione per 45 minuti di disco), nella presenza di suoni ed atmosfere nuove: lo strano matrimonio tra banjo e tromba in Sorry Or Please, il ritmo pseudo-dance di Love Is No Big Truth e I’d Rather Dance With You, la voce femminile in Know How e The Build Up (Damien Rice non è passato invano a quanto pare) e soprattutto in una maggiore varietà che, a differenza dell’album precendente, fa arrivare all’ultima traccia senza neanche mezzo sbadiglio e senza la tentazione di schiacciare il tasto "skip".
Il resto, c’era da aspettarselo, lo fa la leggerezza delle solite belle canzoni a cui i due ci hanno abituato, prima tra tutte una Cayman Island che ha tutte le carte in regola per diventare un classico del gruppo. Excite review

Io le reviews non le so fare perchè non so parlare di musica con obiettività. non sono capace e mi rifiuto di provarci. però so che un album come questo in casa non ce l'avevo. adesso sì, e sapere che c'è mi fa sentire più tranquilla. mi fa stare bene. questo album ha un senso e mi appartiene. e questo mi rende felice.

Ultimo aggiornamento il 06-25-2004 @ 11:07 am

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Commento di: mek
(Postato il 10-09-2004 @ 12:10 pm)

Comment: the build up... lasted for days... lasted for weeks...

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